86-803 86-804 86-805 COPPER GREEN
Product Code: 86-803, 86-804 & 86-805

Greek Floor Urns

86-803, 86-804 & 86-805
Greek Floor Urns
86-803 12’’x 12’’x 29.5’’
86-804 14’’x 14’’x 38’’
86-805 15’’x 15’’x 47’’

Pottery finishes available for Design your own Collection


DESIGN YOUR OWN COLLECTION offers several different finishes from which you are welcome to choose. These pieces are noted in a special section of the catalog and have the prefix 86 in front of the product code.  These finishes are hand applied in numerous layers and sealed with several coats of special sealant. These colors can and will vary slightly. If you fail to make any finish option notation on your order you will receive the finish represented in the catalog on this particular piece.

 Featured Finishes



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