Product Code: 70-205D

South Fork 25" Counter Stool

South Fork 25" Counter Stool
Base 17"x17”x40" /Sq. Seat 14"x14”

70-205 No Seat

70-205A with Cloth Seat

70-205D with Brown Leather Seat

70-205F with Old World Pine


South Fork 30" Barstool 

Base 17"x17”x45" /Sq. Seat 14"x14”

70-206 No Seat

70-206A with Cloth Seat

70-206D with Brown Leather Seat

70-206F with Old World Pine Seat


South Fork Large 25" Counter Stool

Base 19"x19”x40" /Sq. Seat 16"x16”

70-231 No Seat

70-231A with Cloth Seat

70-231D with Brown Leather

70-231F with Old World Pine 


South Fork Large 30" Barstool 

Base 19"x19”x45" /Sq. Seat 16"x16”

70-232 No Seat

70-232A Cloth Seat

70-232D Brown Leather Seat

70-232F Old World Pine Seat

Iron Finishes

Our standard iron finish is our special natural black over a green rust proof primer. Please note that our other available finishes require a 10% premium.

Iron finishes available:        

Black (Standard) / Aged Pewter (10%) / Aged Rust (10%) / Aged Bronze (10%)

Iron Finishes

Seats Options



*Product Care

For all of our iron products we recommend furniture polish be used regularly.  We ship all of our copper tops out with a wax coating.  We recommend that you wax your copper table every 1-2 months. 


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