Forging Iron will surley age a Man

It all started back in 1976, in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, when I first picked up a hammer and hit a red hot piece of iron I found in the woods while working on a survey crew. Being 24 years old, and a “back to nature” hippie, the concept of making my own tools and household furniture was a natural, and I had a big strong body to do it. Now, 38 years later, the fire burns ever brighter with our latest designs.


Hand Thrown Pottery



Hand Forged Iron



Hand Painted Blown Glass


Our warehouse is in Arkansas,

central to the whole USA for shipping. We stock many products but basically build to order. This way, we can offer various patinas of iron finishes, and many finishes of pottery and blown glass. We consolidate your orders here on pallets, shrink wrap, and compare to find the most cost effective shipping venue. Since our products are fragile, we are proud of the many reports we receive of our packing quality.

We love the community of craftmen

we have created in both Arkansas and Mexico. Thru all my years, I have looked to create product with a harmonic balance between the modern world we live in, the natural elements iron, copper, earth, the process, and the people who make the product. Our production facility is about one acre in size and is laid out like a village, with various areas for all aspects of production. We dry our own leather to make our lamp shades right by the copper waxing tables. 


Our pottery and glass areas

are both close by as our painters move from order to order. The blacksmith shop is very noisy so it on the other side of the loading dock. We own the processing our product from design to our customer’s door. We also have many local partner/suppliers in the general area for what components we do not make ourselves. But as Blacksmithing is the master trade of all trades, so be it that iron forgings are used with glass, pottery, and copper to create our unique designs. When you see our product, we hope you will feel the spirit by which we mean to create.